Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Best Tip I’m Gonna Use!

I’m blog hopping now.  It’s what I do late at night; especially when hubby is at work.

I can’t tell you how many times I am looking at blogs that I follow and I end up on a new one somewhere else.

Good Life Eats caught my attention with her Baking Soda post.

baking soda

Let’s face it - - I have kids that I am constantly telling to stay at the breakfast bar or the table with their food and drinks.  They do pretty good with their food but I can’t tell you how many times they sneak a drink into the living room.

Now, I know my carpet isn’t the best or the newest but I can’t afford nor want to buy new carpet until the kids are grown and gone.  I have to make what I have last for a long time to come.  They’ll just destroy it is I don’t.

With that being said, we have accidents every now and then so when I came across this tip on the above blog, I was thrilled.

Jamie: To absorb carpet spills…for example, if someone spills soda we blot up the area, spray with water, and shake on baking soda. It will lift the stain, once it dries, you simply vacuum it up and rub the area a bit.

I’m going to go buy about 10 boxes of baking soda just so that I have it around for this very reason!  Today, I am thankful for stumbling upon this, especially since my son spilled something *red* on the carpet the other day.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work on old stains.  I’ll just soak it really good with some water and try it.  It’s worth a shot in my opinion.

What other uses do you have for baking soda?


Pamela said...

That IS a good tip. I'll have to try it. I use baking soda for baking. Ha!

Fio said...

When my drains get a bit sticky I pour some baking soda down, leave for a few minutes, then follow with clean vinegar. Fizz fizz fizz and they're all clear!

Sara said...

Oh I want to reach into my screen and snag a chocolate pretzel. YUM!