Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

I am ready to start a new week – HEALTHY!  My kids and my hubby have been fighting illnesses that they just can’t seem to get past.  It’s the yucky stomach virus that can last for up to three weeks according to the doctor!  I am seriously tired of cleaning up vomit and wiping raw butts!

My hubby on the other hand is FINALLY going to the doctor.  His started out as the stomach virus but I’m thinking we need to make sure it isn’t something else related to his gallbladder or anything like that.  He is in pain ALL of the time and it’s finally to the point where he can’t stand it anymore.  He even went to the ER when he was out of town because of the severity of the pain.  How horrible would that be?  Several hours from home, in a hotel room and having to go to the ER?!  I feel horrible that I wasn’t able to be there for him when he needed me the most.  I’m just glad he’s home now!

It seems that I am the only one that hasn’t gotten sick through all of this {knock on wood}.  I’m hoping I stay healthy.  It’s no fun when momma is down.

It looks likes it’s going to be another week where the kids don’t get in a full week of school.  We have a MAJOR storm coming in tonight that consists of ice tonight and 40-50 mph winds with snow starting tomorrow with accumulations totaling anywhere from 8 to 14 inches!  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring.  I don’t mind snow – one or two times.  Then I’m ready for it to be over.

My sweet daughter went to her “Winter Royalty” dance last night and she looked amazing!  I will post a pic tomorrow for you.  Promise!  Honestly, I’m just to lazy to get up and get my camera right now.  She was asked by a boy but she told him “no” and went with some of her girlfriends!  I am so blessed to have a teenager that isn’t swayed by “having to have a date” when it comes to going places.  She is very confident in herself and I am very happy about that!

I have a crazy busy two weeks ahead of me!  I have THREE craft shows/ladies nights that I am doing, still have things I need to make, and a book to finish editing!  Even though it’s going to be busy, it’s going to be fun!!

The best thing I am looking forward to this week is Friday!  My kids are ecstatic that we are going to be taking them on a small getaway to the Cosmosphere.  Here in Kansas we have the 2nd largest Cosmosphere and in my 34 years of living in Kansas, I have never been!  I’m sure I’m going to have some amazing pics to show when we return.  We need to get away for awhile.  It’s been too long!

Here I go just rambling on and on and not talking about anything that you care about.  I guess that’s my cue that I need to go to bed.  Sweet dreams and STAY WARM!

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Connie said...

Stay well!

We're in the middle of a major storm in Colorado and I'm all nervous about my husband getting home.