Monday, January 24, 2011

The Lost Letter

Do you remember writing letters to a PenPal when you were little?

I remember having a foreign exchange student from Australia at our school and when she left we kept in contact through written letters.  It was fun! Her name was Leann :)  I wonder what she’s doing today.

“Snail Mail” as it’s dubbed today doesn’t happen much anymore.  With email and Facebook, people just don’t sit down to write letters anymore.  It’s sad actually.  Just think of how good it makes you feel when you get an unexpected card or letter in the mail from someone. It makes you feel so special!  I know it does me.

Shey over at Shey B is bringing it back!  She is having a PenPal sign up!  I signed up and can’t wait to start writing and receiving my letters.

Will you join me?!

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