Monday, December 6, 2010

SOME of My Christmas Decorations!

I have had this wreath FOREVER!!

Actaully it's only about 6 years old. 
It's just not my style and so I FINALLY decided to take it apart and use the base for another wreath.
One that fit my style a little more.


Much more my style!

Since my wreath turned out so cute, I wanted to create something decorative for my kitchen.
I threw together some extra ornaments and ribbon and came up with this.
It is above the sink in front of my window.
I like the extra touch of Christmas that it brings to the room!

I actaulyl saw someone else do this on their blog and I can't remember for the life of my who it was.
If it's you, please leave me a comment - I want to give credit where credit is due.
I was definitely not the one that came up with this.

I {heart} all the glitter!
That green ribbon is AWESOME!

How are your holdiay decorations coming along?

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