Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can you Guess? And Something For You!

First off, can you guess what this's really pretty easy!

Give up?
It's my FREE canvas print from  Canvas People.
I finally got it and it only took about a week!

Yes, you read that right - FREE.  You should go check it out HERE and grab one while they are still giving them away.  All you have to pay for is shipping.  I did spend $10 more and got the upgrade to the 11x14 but the 8x10 size is free.

I'm thinking a Christmas gift.

Now something for you...The lovely folks at CSN Stores have graciously offered up a review for Patchwork Chronicles readers. I know a lot of bloggers are familiar with CSN Stores, but for those of you who aren't I'll explain how it works. CSN has over 200 stores and they sell everything from bar tables and stools to shoes!

As soon as I get my credit I'll be picking something out to review that might just be used as a Christmas gift.
When I do my review there "might" be a giveaway for my readers.

Be on the lookout in the next week of so!!

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