Thursday, October 14, 2010

How "Social" Are You?

I use Facebook
I Tweet {rarely}
I blog {duh}

If you're here then you either know me or you're just browsing
simply because BlogHopping is addicting.
Either way you are a part of a social media network. 

Let me ask you this?
How important are those social networks to you?

I just had a conversation with family this week about this exact thing.
They can not understand how I can meet people through blogging.
Then go as far as to accept advice and comments from people that I "don't know".

There are bad things that you have to be cautious of.
I am not immune to that, I know.
BUT I do enjoy the relationships that I see and create while blogging.
I do feel that there is a sense of family in this "social" world.
Does that replace my "real" social world?
I know how important "real" relationships and friendships are.

One such person is Erin Cobb
She is an awesome blogger {unlike me}.
Today she posted THIS in which she talks about this exact thing.
She shares the extraordinary friendships she has created through this social medium
and the inspiration that she gets from them.
They are "real" women.
Just like me.  

How "social" are you?
Am I the only one with family that doesn't understand?
I bet not.


shortmama said...

No I dont think anyone gets it unless they are part of it! I love blogging and everything we get out of it!

erin said...

Oh gosh Beth, thank you so much for your kind words! Your blog is beautiful!

I think when I first started blogging my (extended) family loved and appreciated it so they could see the kiddos. Then as it gained readers I think many of them were weirded out and probably talked about it when I wasn't around. Now that it's grown even more and they've seen the real connections I've made and the business I've grown (inadvertantly) out of it I think they're back to thinking it's pretty neat. I hope yours will come around too! Thanks for sharing!

elizabeth said...

Hi Beth - saw your post on Erin's blog and i wanted to say hello - so many people don't get it - this blogging thing but I have been so fortunate to meet great people and people I can now call friends. Blog hopping is addicting and I sometimes have to pull myself away from my computer -
but I just wanted to stop and say hi!!