Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a New Day

Brian refused to let me work last night therefore I was able to get a good nights sleep.  He has to be a bully sometimes with me and make me do things.  Like sleep and eat.  He got quite mad at me yesterday since the only thing I had until 5:00 at night was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Honestly I was just REALLY tired and busy and didn't think about it.  He thinks it's stupid that I forget to eat.  By the end of the day I had eaten and gotten good rest so today is a fresh new day.

My step-daughter's wedding is this Saturday, hence one of the reasons I have been so busy.  Throwing a wedding together in three months for about 130 people is no small task especially considering her and I have done everything with no help from *ahem* (I won't say).

Last night I spent FOUR hours shopping for a dress.  I wasn't going to buy me one simply beucase we didn't have the money but my mother-in-law insisted that I NEED a new one and offered to take me shopping.  Off we went, with kids in tow.  For the record, I must say that the Legends Shopping Center close by me does not have a large selection of dresses that a mother of the bride can wear to a wedding.  They were either to Prom-ish (if that's a word) or to business like.  I thought for sure that BCBG would have something.  I tried on a few there but with their air conditioning being out and it being 120 degrees {seriously} in the store, let's just say that trying on dresses under those circumstances kind of stiffled my mood along with every dress sticking to me because I was sweating so much.  So, I left there with empty handed.  About five stores later, along with my children begging me to go home, I had nothing...

We ended up going to JCPenney's and buying TWO dresses simply beucase we couldn't decide so the decision falls to Brian when he gets home from work tonight.  I did take some pics for you so that I could get your opinion but they didn't turn out good.  Hanging on the hanger doesn't do the dresses justice but trust me they are adorable on.  I tried to go with something that was a little lighter in color but all we could find at this time of the year was dark colors.  I don't want to look like I'm going to a funeral.

Here is the blue one.  It's not as dark navy blue but darker than royal blue.  Make sense...  Both of the dresses go right past my knees.

Here is the second.  It is an egglplant color.

What do you think?
The shoes were easy!  Even my mother in law thought the silver *blingy* ones looked the best!  I love them....I'm going to have to wear them when my hubby and I go to Vegas next year {oh yeah....I haven't told you about that yet}

On my agenda today is going to Costco to get some of the food for the wedding. 300 rolls and about 150 bottles of water is a lot.  The main meat dish is going to be a *whole* roasted pig.  I thought it was kind of redneck-ish in the beginning but I'm good with it now.  Especially since I tasted some and it is REALLY, REALLY good.

This evening Parker will be getting a haircut and I will be working on the wedding cake.  All of the layers are baked (and in the freezer) and one batch of fondant is done.  Tonight I need to put the crumb coat on the layers and lay the fondant on.  WISH ME LUCK!!  Last time this didn't work out so well.  Could be because I had a couple of glasses of wine last time so tonight I'll be doing it with my Cherry Dr. Pepper by my side.  I have also gotten some better tools so hopefully that will aid in my attempt this time.  I don't really have time for any screw up so....

Tomorrow I have a funeral to attend and then home to get everything packed up and completly ready for Saturday.  I will also put the final touches on the cake so that it is ready to go.  Then of course the rehearsal and the dinner.

Saturday is the day!  To the park at 8:00 am to start decorating and setting up 100 chairs, putting together and decorating the arch, decorating the reception area and on and on and on.  It is going to be beautiful, I just hope that I can pull it all of in time and have it turn out exactly the way the bride wants it.  We have had to cut some corners and borrow just beucase of finances but I'm hoping she will still be happy with the end results. 

I promise I'll have pics to share when it is all over.  Wish us all good luck!


Alisa said...

I think both of the dresses are beautiful and would lovely on you. Wear the one you feel best in!

Try not to stress and have a great time. Just take one thing at a time!

Athena Timm said...

I like the blue dress and Good Luck this weekend. I know how it is to plan a wedding on the spur of dime. That has been my life for 3 weeks and I have 3 weeks to go til Wedding day. So I wish you all the best luck and enjoy Colleen's company. She's a good helper if you tell her what to do. Tell Ashley I said Congrats on being married.

Kelly O. said...

Love the blue one :-) Good job on the shoes too!

Cara said...

Holy Guacamole batman! Could you possibly have any more on your plate??!! I will pray for patience, peace, and never ending energy for you, lol:)

I like the second dress, but the first one is super cute too. Can't wait to see pics mama!!