Saturday, August 14, 2010

These are "SILLY" For Sure

I don't know what the craze is all about, but EVERYONE seems to have these darned Silly Bands.
Rubber bands in millions of different shapes.

I'm wondering why all of the people that sit around and get high on drugs are the ones that can make millions off of stupid things.
You can't tell me that anyone with a "brain" sits around and comes up with these off the wall ideas.
{I honestly don't know who came up with these and hopefully it isn't some person that I have offended by saying they were "high on drugs" if they weren't}
I'm just saying...

Well, I broke down.
I bought some for my kids.
I know, I know.
They're "silly" and don't make any sense.
But, you know what?

They were ecsatic that I got them some. 

James even found some military ones...

I just can't figure out why the military ones aren't at least in manly colors.
He is going to be wearing military silly bands in pink, purple, orange, etc.

Excuse his dirty feet...the boy did take a shower last night, I swear!!
He just runs around barefoot all day.

I DID NOT buy Alysia this many....she has inhertited several from her friends.
I told you "all the cool kids" have them.

We'll see what my hubby thinks about that when he gets home.

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