Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2010 PhotoHunt and Things I'm Loving

As if I don't have enough to do this month, here is an awesome photo challenge that I am going to be participating in.  You can follow along with me HERE or just click on the link above labeled "PHOTO FUN" next to the "HOME" button.

This week proved to have some awesome things as I {stalked} other blogs.  For more inspiration don't forget my Patchwork of Awesomeness button over on the right hand side!  There's LOTS more stuff to see there.

First of all I LOVE this desk that JannyPie built.  I don't think I want to take the time to build one myself but I'm loving the way her craft room turned out.  I might have to steal some of her ideas for when mine get's completed, if it EVER happens.

And then you remember Stephanie from Under the Table and Dreaming, right?  She posted did a geust post for my Inspired Spotlight HERE!  Look at her adorable Ruffled Table Runner that she created...

My kids would love THIS idea making homemade ice cream with ziploc bags!  You can make it in about 15 minutes and it tastes delicious!!  Lacie is amazing...I am so going to do this, this week!

Mmmmm......these make my mouth water just looking at the pic!!  Don't you agree?  Sweet Little Smoothie has the recipe so you can try it!  Tasty Turkey Subs are for sure going to be on my menu this week!

My craft for the week, if I only had time, would be THIS!!!'s made out of sample paint swatches.  How much simpler can art be {smile}!

ASHLEY gets the AMAZING, BRILLIANT AWARD from me!!  I can not understand how these ideas pop into people's minds.  Who hadn't thought of this earlier?

What awesome things have you done or found this week?  Please do share....

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