Monday, August 23, 2010

Any Boy's {or Girl's} Dream!

Have you ever heard of the "Touch-A-Truck" event?!  It's an event geared towards letting kids touch and climb and "drive" trucks of all kinds.  There was a fire truck, police car, ambulance, race car, recycling truck, combine tractor, and snow plow to name a few. 

Of course, I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the family. We were ALL going to go and then dad had to work so he wasn't able to. {crappy railroad - although it does pay the bills}  The day before Parker didn't really have a good nap since it was Ashley and Alex's Wedding shower {pics will soon follow on that}.  Anyways, I knew that another day without naps would be a bad combination for a 20 month old. Alysia didn't really "want" to go so with some coercing and batting of the eyes, she offered to stay home with Parker and let James and I have a "date".

Before we left for the day, I charged my battery camera since I drained it at Ashley's shower the day before.  We got to the event and I take my camera out to turn it on.  IT DOESN'T COME ON!!  AGH!!!!!!!  Seriously...I walked out of the house and left the battery plugged into the wall {my hubby is beginning to get really irritated at my forgetfulness lately - it could be the lack of sleep I get}.

I guess it's a good thing we have phones with cameras now so at least all hopewasn't lost.  They just aren't the totally awesome pictures I was planning on getting.

We really enjoyed ourselves! There was only one mishap when we had to leave which ended in angry looks at me. Two minutes later he was all smiles again and really enjoyed himself...

 James and I int eh tractor combine wheel ----- it was CRAZY HUGE!
I have NEVER in my life seen a vehicle as big as that!!

 Can't you just see the excitement in his eyes!
He was totally running from one thing to the next and couldn't get his hands on the trucks fast enough!!
It was good to see him so happy!!

 Sitting in an ambulance.
 James was very intrigued by the guy that drove the ambulance.
He told James all about what all the buttons and lights were for.
He could have sat there for another five minutes but with prying eyes behind me...
I had to let the other kids have a turn.
 Driving the Police Command Center.
He said "This is so big, I could live in here!"
 I told him, "This better be the ONLY time I see you in the back of a police car!"
I had no idea that the back seats weren't upholstered.
Hard comfort for criminals {I reminded James}.
 Luckily he preferred sitting in front of it...
 The Deffenbaugh Recycling Truck!
Totally cool to stand on the back...
 Driving the Recycling Truck although he said that is NOT what he wants to do when he grows up.  Good!
 James getting a crazy shot of me wearing his Fireman's hat...
 Time for some Rock Climbing.
He really hit it off with a boy behind him in line and was so excited to be able to climb right along with him.
 Higher and higher he goes...those silly flip flops made it hard for him to go all the way though.
 This contraption had ALL of the kids attention.  It was the "Recycle Cycle".
A bike made out of JUNK.
James and all of the kids could have looked at it for hours.
After about 20 minutes {seriously} it was time to move on.

 Sitting in the bed of a truck outside the event that he wants his Daddy to buy now!
I'm tend to be partial and think Daddy would look pretty handsome in it too.
I'm not quite sure Daddy will agree with the close to $40,000 price tag though...
One the tractor combine.

Did I say that this event was TOTALLY FREE! My kind of entertainment.

If you're in the Kansas City area, you have to check out Kansas City on the Cheap.
This where I get a ton of ideas about free or near free stuff to do around town.
They update the site ALL OF THE TIME with new things going on.
It's my new online best friend.

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