Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things I'm Loving... {warning - picture heavy}

I love my kiddos!  As much as they seem to irritate me towards the end of summer, I don't know what I would do without them.  They are everything to me and they remind me of my job here on earth.  I truly, truly feel blessed to be able to call each of them mine!
This little man gave me the most emotional and high strung pregnancy ever.
I would definitely not be the person I am today had he not come into my life.
He is so stinkin' cute...
I absolutely love this face!
My wonderful hubby has to get much praise for what he does for our family!
Alysia and Ashley, me neice, are inseperable when they are together.

Beth and me {Beth}  You've got to be cool if you share the same name!
My {little} girl is growing up so fast!  I may be partial, but I think she is beautiful!
Parker loved running through the vineyard and peeking through when he went to the next aisle. The simple things are so grand to him.

A rare moment when Alysia and James are not fighting. Man, they do that allllll the time! I'll cherish this photo forever and remind them that they do love each other when they want to {kill} each other.

Parker + Icing = Mmm Mmm Good
I love my flowers - had to get a pretty shot in here.

Did I tell you I love my family?


Mamarazzi said...

VERY sweet. i love having family around too, just nothing better right?

thanks for linking up...come grab my button to add to your post!

Kimberly said...

beautiful family - all great pictures!