Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Past Life

Thanks to the iPhone app, A Past Life, I found out a little bit more about myself {this was all just for fun, I don't know if I believe in this stuff or not.} 

"I was born in a Fishing Village in Cornwall, South West England in the early 1600's.

I was the daughter of a local Inn Keeper.  My mother died while giving birth to me.  With no other siblings, my father and I worked the Inn together.  He carried heavy barrels while I worked the taps and entertained the local fisherman with my girlish charms.  Seeing men at their worst day in day out I had no desire for marraige.

Soon after my 25th birthday my father contracted a mysterious illness and died.  I took full control of the Inn and ran it for the next 40 years.  Strong and dominant in the man's world, the local fisherman knew when I called last drinks it was time to leave.

This may explain why I sometimes prefer spending time with male rather than female friends."

Interesting, what do you think?

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