Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inspired Spotlight

Hello Patchwork Chronicle readers!

My name is Stephanie Lynn from

Under the Table and Dreaming.

Today I'm going to share a quick and simple frame with an important =) whimsical message for all our powder room guests!

I love to craft, decorate, create, and cook; plus everything else ‘us’ mommies do in-between to make our house a home.
I began with a small 2X3 frame which I already had. I gave it a quick coat of satin nickel spray paint and cut a piece of fabric to fit the picture opening. The fabric was my inspiration for re-decorating the room and as always I like to try and find matching accessories to coordinate. As my decorating style and taste is always ever changing I like to re-purpose as many items as I can.

In Microsoft Word, I found a script font that I liked and printed out the words 'wash hands' on plain white paper. Centering the glass insert on top of the paper I traced the font with a sharpie marker. {the sharpie simply wipes off the glass with a little spritz of cleaner if you make a mistake or later want to reuse the frame}
Replace the glass into your frame and you have a cute little piece of inexpensive art that matches the rest of your decor.
The Ruffled Wall Art is another inexpensive piece that I made for the room out of crêpe party streamers. You can find the easy tutorial {here} and the Flower Embellishment tutorial {here}.
I share many tutorials on my blog - You can see what else I've been up to {here}.

Thanks so much for inviting me over today Beth to meet your readers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! Stop over and say Hi if you get a chance! Enjoy!


Kimberly said...

cute ideas! going to check out her blog!

Hearts and Roses said...

Hello, Just wanted you to know that I never got the aprons for the swap. I waited to make sure there was enought time. That's why you have not heard from me.