Friday, May 28, 2010

This and That and The Other

Brian's niece graduated from high school this past Wednesday!  Isn't she beautiful?  The best part is that she graduated with honors and got a full ride scholarship to a local community college for their Pre-Med program.  From there she will transfer to KU and go on to do something in the medical field.  She will be amazing at whatever she accomplishes.  It won't be long before we will be going to her college graduation. 

It made me realize I am only three years away from this being my daughter.  It's true when people say they grow up too fast.  It doesn't seem long ago when I walked mu daughter to Kindergarten and now she is going to be a Sophomore in high school.

Speaking of Alysia, she has had a rough week.  The poor girl got a horrible staph infection that has been so painful for her.  If you know anything about MRSA, you know that it is a very bad infection and not one that anyone wants.  Somehow she got it from shaving since it seems to be localized to her legs and her arm pits.  The girl is such a trooper though.  Two nights ago she was in tears because the blisters in her armpits hurt so bad but other than that she has been tough about the whole thing.  It started out with what looked like a really bad razor burn which then turned to very painful blisters.  On Wednesday she noticed them and had about 7 or 8 of them.  When she woke up Thursday morning she had several more with the most painful ones in her armpit.  I couldn't imagine having broken blisters with raw skin in that area. OUCH!!!!   Needless to say I took her to urgent care immediately.  So after some antibiotics and a lot of Lysol she is on the mend and hopefully no one in the house gets anything.  We'll pray and keep our fingers crossed. 

Unfortunately I think she was using her razor for entirely to long.  I think she would go a month without needing another one.  She had no idea that you can only get about 3-4 uses out of a razor.  Somehow with the old razor that was nicking her (that should have been a clue that she needed a knew one) I guess staph maybe grew on the razor blades and then the next time she shaved, it infected her.  Needless to say I went out and got her a new razor that should be a lot better, as long as she changes the blades on it frequently.

James got to camp out with his dad this week in the back yard in the tent that he built.  James was soooo excited getting their sleeping bags together.  It was about 80 degrees out that day but James still wanted a fire.  So fire he got....  :)

And I can't forget the boys playing out in the water this week!  It was COLD, COLD water but Parker loved it.  I don't think James ever really got wet.  He just liked spraying his brother to see his reactions.  Priceless!

Last nut not least, my aunt came in from Oregon to visit.  It wasn't long enough though!  It's too long between the times that we see each other.  Here is my Aunt, my mom and me.  Oh yeah, and Parker in the background...

Now on to a fun filled holiday weekend!  Happy Memorial Day!!

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