Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taking a Time Out

The good kind anyways.  Sweet Parker is soooo fascinated with being outside that every time he is inside he begs to go outside, almost like my dogs when they need to go out and pee.  They stand at the door and whine :)  He plays a game where he acts like he wants to let the doggies in but in reality he is trying to escape!  Good thing we have a fenced backyard, huh!

Here are some pics I shot of our most recent time out.  I took it as an opportunity to get some sun on my ghostly legs, and toes...

Here is sweet little Pooks talking singing to his "Nannie" on the phone.

Playing with Dixie!  First off let me remind you that she is only 5 months old and she's BIG, and she's not done growing!!  You see that six foot privacy fence all around our yard?!?  SHE KEEPS JUMPING IT!!  If we are out front and she hears us she will do anything to get out front with us, including climbing a privacy fence that's taller than me.  CRAZY....

I  had the hardest time keeping the ball out of Pooks' mouth...YUCK!

He came in and crashed....until next time - as soon as he wakes up!

I hope youenjoy the rest of the beautiful day.  Upon coming in I realized it was cooler outside than inside with all the windows open, therefore our lovely AC has made it's first appearance of the year.  I held out longer than some people around here but couldn't anymore.  Cooking dinner at the hottest time of the day was becoming unbearable.

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