Thursday, March 4, 2010


Has it seriously been one day shy of a week since I last chatted with you all?!?!  Where has my week gone?  I feel like I'm going to lose all of my cyber friends when I don't touch base with you on here.  I'm a little obsessive, I know.  That's how I roll though :)

I have been uber busy with my transcription work that I do from home which leaves my blog on the back burner which I don't like.  BUT it makes me some extra money which will come in handy when I start redecorating the boys' and girls rooms.  I can't wait!  Hubby has all of my daughter's room framed in downstairs and working again on it today.  

I, for one, CAN'T WAIT for him to frame my CRAFT ROOM/OFFICE!  I have soooooo many ideas floating through my head about what I want it to look like and can't come to one conclusion but hopefully it will turn out the way that I want it.  I'll post a pic later of my inspiration.  I'm typing this now as I work, in between files.

Alysia's room is going to be a fancy white and black room with aqua accents.  The bedding she got to match her new furniture is BEAUTIFUL!!  It is going to look spectacular when it is all done.  She can't wait! 

Parker's room is going to be done in antique cars and trucks.  My lovely MIL got some really cool antique trucks from Hobby Lobby one day when they were having a sale so I have some really neat things to start with.  If anyone knows where I can get antique prints for that walls, please let me know.  I am looking for those right now.

James has decided on a camouflage room which couldn't fit him more perfectly.  I have a pic for inspiration that I will post on this too.  We're going to have a lot of fun designing his room!!

Once everything is done I will show all of you the results and you can ohhh and ahhh over them or turn your eyes in disgust :/  Hopefully it turns out like I see it all in my head!


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we did Landen's room in antique cars and trucks too. He just redid it in the batman from Potery Barn so I minght have some stuff that you could have. Does he have a "big boy" bed? I have twin sheets from PB that you are welcome to if you want them. I will look for the other stuff and see what I have!