Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Awesome Diaper Deal - HURRY!!

You must take advantage of this if you are in the diaper stage with your kids or have grandchildren.  I just got 5 packs of Luvs Diapers and 3 tubs of Huggies Wipes for $39.52.  After I receive my items, TOMORROW, I will send in a $14.97 rebate that you can get HERE.  That equals about $3.06 per item!  That is an AWESOME SAVINGS.

Here's how you can get it too.  Go to and place your order.  Any orders over $49 will get you free shipping and will be delivered the next day!  You can't beat that.  Then enter my referral code of BETH4788 to get an additional $10 off.  There is a link on the sidebar that will take you straight to the site.  When you are done ordering get your REBATE filled out and mail it in.  The rebate is for a free magazine subscription but if you don't want the subscription they will mail you $14.97.  THEN (here is the best part), get your own referral code and blog or email about this to all your family and friends and you will get a $5 credit for everyone that uses your code!!

So use my code of BETH4788 to get your first order started and then generate your own code to start getting credit towards a next purchase from all of your friends and family!!

I am just GIDDY over the savings!  This couponing thing is going to be good!!!