Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gotta Try It - Sante Fe Chicken Salad

I am attempting to make at least one salad as out dinner every week in order to get lighten our plates a little bit.  I got this recipe from SparkRecipes.  They are heathier options and it also give you the nutritional values of the meal.

The original recipe called for Peanut Sauce which couldn't find at the store so I substituted Kraft Asian and Toasted Sesame Dressing.  My family LOVED it, including my six year old son who WILL NOT eat anything.

Sante Fe Chicken Salad
1 large bag of Romain lettuce, rinsed, dried and torn
1 can sweet corn, cooked and drained
I can of black beans rinsed until the water runs clear
5 plum tomatoes washed and diced
4 taco shells or tortilla chips, crunched up
4 chicken breast

Slice chicken into strips to your desired length and marinate in dressing for 30 minutes.  Cook along with dressing that you marinated with until it is cooked thoroughly and the dressing becomes sticky.

While the chicken is cooking toss all of the other ingredients together.  Toss chicken in when done cooking.  Spoon onto a plate or bowl and dive in!!

Sorry my pic is a little blurry.  I REALLY need a new camera (hint, hint if my hubby is reading this).

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Alisa said...

looks yummy! Anything with a mexican twist is good in my book.