Monday, May 23, 2011

Is It Really That Hard?

Getting my hubby to take a nice picture with me is seriously impossible!  He makes the dumbest faces and then since he knows it aggravates me, he continues!

He is one of those guys that makes you so mad but then makes you laugh at him!  How in the world can I get so irritated at someone yet they can make me laugh?  That makes me ever madder, I tell ya!!  I want to stay mad at him because he can irritate me to no end sometimes, and yet it’s impossible!

So it was Mother’s Day and I wanted a “nice” pic with him. 

This one he was being too serious and I was “yelling” at him and accidentally snapped the picture.


This one “looked” like a good shot but I zoomed in WAAAAYYYY to much!  Darnit!!!


After the zoom fail, I handed the camera over and thought for sure since Brian halfway smiled in the previous one, then I was for sure going to get a good pic.  Not so much.  He kept moving and being silly!  What is wrong with this man?!?!


Ugh – I give up!  Do all men make dumb faces like that or just mine?!  I guess, I’ll take what I can get :)


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Debbie said...

Beth...were you peeking at my list of possible posts? I have one that is Paul's weird face habit for photos. ALWAYS makes faces. It makes me crazy!